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Multiple Templates For Both Screen Orientations

A Variety Of Templates For Both Screen Orientations Offer Incredible Flexibility

Icons For Every Major Social Media Channel

A Wide Variety Of Social Media Icons Ensure You
Always Find The Ones You Want

Graphics Assets Enable You To Create Your Own Designs

A Wide Variety Of Graphics Assets Allow You To 
Customize Or Even Create Your Own Unique Designs

Easy To Edit Your Content And Export

Customizing The Digital Visiting Card Is As Easy As
Editing A Powerpoint Presentation

Choose A Suitable Option And Get Started

Choose From Basic Or Pro Options To Get Started With 
Creating Your Own Digital Visiting Cards
Only 5 Designs
Choose From Either Portrait Or
Landscape Orientation
Only 5 Popular Social Media
Icons Available
Choose From Over 40 Designs
Have Access To Both Portrait And
Landscape Orientation Designs
Icons For 20 Social Media
Platforms Available
Additional Graphic Assets To Fully
Customize Your Digital Visiting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use These Files For Commercial Purposes?
Yes. You can use these files to create digital visiting cards for commercial purposes for yourself or others.  But you can't sell the original editable files themselves.
Can I Use The Files To Create Digital Visiting Cards For Others?
Yes. You can use these files to create and sell digital visiting cards for others. But you can't sell the original editable files themselves.
Do You Take Requests For Additional Designs?
No. We don't take requests for additional designs. We do however regularly add additional new designs. These would be available to you as an existing customer for free. 
Do You Do Custom Digital Visiting Cards?
Yes. We do create custom digital visiting cards specific to your business. Please send us an email on [email protected] to get started. 
I currently don't have a website to take my prospects and customers to. Can you help?
Yes. We can definitely help you out. Please drop us an email on [email protected] to get started.